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Randy vs Toney could end up like THIS video!!


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I hope Couture is on his game man. Because heres an example of a guy that ISNT in Toney's league as a pro boxer fighting Tim Sylvia last year. Randy lasted 5 rounds with Sylvia. People that are taking Toney lightly , really shouldnt be. He poses a pretty serious threat. Granted Sylvia is not as good a fighter as Couture but weve seen Couture get dropped by guys that arent even boxers.


This is how long Sylvia lasted with a decent boxer..



People are saying Toney needs to finish it in the first round. I reckon Couture needs to rush Toney before he starts throwing punches man. Im also not so sure about Couture dirty boxing Toney. Because dirty boxing still has the B word in it. I would expect from a pro boxer of that kind of calibre to be able to out dirty box a wrestler, even if its up against the cage.

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Thats ray mercer he took gold in the Olympics for boxing and was HW champ he is not some chump and he got beat by Kimbo...


Surely Toney is a whole different ball game to Mercer. They do reckon the fight game is all mental and Toney has BAGS of confidence.. When was the last time you saw Toney get dropped, sure hell get taken down, but i think some peopel are overlooking Toney like hes nothing and poses zero threat.


If Brock can drop Couture..................


Nuff said really.

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I dont think you got the end of the video


"Can you tell me why a guy 6'8" that can kick is not keeping a boxer at range"


Sylvia is a bum

People always seem to forget that Mercer vs Sylvia was supposed to be a boxing match. They couldn't get it sanctioned so they did it as an mma match instead. Because Tim wanted it initially as a boxing match, he agreed to box with Mercer anyway.

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