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do haircuts effect fights???


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Me and my freind where talking acount this subject earlier..

surely it does,

i mean fighting against people with long hair (guida) would surely affect you.

you cant see there jaw which makes going for the ko harder.

but then agen it would affect guida aswell wudnt it....

hair infront of the eyes, perhaps thats why he throws blindly so much of the time





and ino its my third thread inside like 30 mins, im nt a low life, its just im going germany tumoro and im making the most of the next hours :)

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I think that it could. During the ultimate fighter Joseph Henle had a long beard and hair. I don't remember who his opponent was but Henle was on top. After the fight the other guys said he was spitting hair out and it was disgusting. So basically Henle interrupted his opponents breathing with his hair and beard.

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Yes it does.

They should make that guida guy tie his hair up instead of jumping around like a monkey on speed.

Since hair pulling is'nt allowed & his g n p style means it is in his opponents face alot & often bloodied its blinding the opponent.


Standing up with all his activity in motion its probably harder to land the accurate shot on his stupid burpy face.

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The only way I can see hair truly effecting an MMA bout is if the fighter has long hair' date=' like Guida and it is caked in sweat over his or her eyes[/quote']

personally i think it does but not if u r Clay Guida. lol

i really shouldn't reveal his secret but his strength comes from his hair. (u didn't hear this from me)




"Clay “The Carpenter” Guida will not be a character in the THQ videogame UFC Undisputed 2009 because his hair is too long, free-flowing, and awesome. The THQuitters left the 25-9 lightweight out of the game because they ran into issues with clippings and collision detection. They even offered the fighter money to cut his hair, but of course he did not." LOL

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