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Randy Couture vs Jon Jones


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After Randy ground and pounds James Toney into a retirement home I think this matchup would make perfect sense... They say they want Jones to face top 8 opponents... well I think Randy is #5 or 6 in the LHW division right now and I think it would be an excellent test for Jones' wrestling against Coutures..


Your thoughts and opinions... see if you can refrain from being immature please

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Yeah Couture would get shut down pretty hard.


Thankfully I think it's unlikely he'd get this fight. BUT...if he keeps going..he just may have the misfortune of being matched with Silva. And that's a fight he'll be bummed about when all is said and done. Couture is a great fighter...but he doesn't have the speed/athleticism to compete with the elite anymore.





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it wont happen, unless both of them are still winning and 1 of them is champion. dana and joe silva are trying to get both of them to a title shot. its basically the same thing as saying why dont jds and velasquez fight for a title shot. it wont happen. but if one is champ it sure will. and it will make lots of money. after all of that junk happens. some where down the road it might. but randy will probably retire before then. as for jds and velasquez. after all the lesnar title bs is over. they will 100% most definetly fight somewhere down the road

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you cant hate on james toney fans that put up pictures of him' date=' cause there all funny. i dot mean that in a bad way either. te only reason i like toney is cause of u guys. randy is still gna ground him out though[/quote']


"where respect is given it shall be returned."

(james toney, from the book of toney, it comes after revelations in the bible)



but it is my job, my duty to save you from your evil, toney doubting ways.

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lol He's dumb as hell but I must admit he is hilarious (when you can actually understand him)


I used to think the same, but he is CLEARLY a charismatic guy, I dont think he is as dumb as he plays off.


I think he is putting on a show to make money.



not saying I would entrust him to do my taxes or even walk my dog.


"go ****! NOW! oh thats it....(incoherent rant) LIGHTS OUT DOG! DIN PAY YO LECTRIC BILL!"



but I dont think he is AS retarded as he sounds.


like gangster rappers. alot of them speak like uneducated goons because they ARE uneducated goons, but they know that there is a market for uneducated goons.



whether he actually IS that ghetto, or whether he is playing ghetto to get a fan base and make $$$$$ we will never know.



I think he is smarter than people give him credit for, but again, I wouldn't entrust his cognitive ability with any important task.

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