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Edgar v. Penn 2 breakdown


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I did a few of these a while back and decided to do another. The first will be the main event; the second will be Couture/Toney


For the main event, I’m gonna go with Edgar. Not by much, however. I think it’s about a 55% chance he wins this fight. This isn’t coming from a huge Edgar fan (just a Penn hater lol), but I believe Edgar can grind out a five round decision. I had Penn picked last fight and my dad actually went with Edgar. Needless to say, Frankie proved almost all of us wrong. Either he shocks us again, or BJ will knock out/sub Frankie early (round 1/2).


The key to this fight for Frankie is to stick and move, and fall back on his wrestling when necessary. There is still some question regarding both fighters health, but in their first fight, Edgar was able to dodge most of Penn’s shots, throw a quick combo, and move away. If this does not work as well as it did in the first fight, he should take Penn down and use the Chael Sonnen strategy. If he can lay on BJ and wear him down, he could bin again.


The key to Penn is to hit Edgar. A lot. If he can touch Frankie enough times, Edgar will shoot in on him. The key is for Edgar to be hurt when he shoots in. Now Penn has two options: let Edgar take him down and slap in a sub, or stop it and rush him standing up. Penn really needs an offensive attack more devastating than in the first fight to win.


This fight is so close; it could really go either way. Next up is the co-main event. This one will not be as close…

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