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Why is Yoshihiro Akiyama in the main event?


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How can you not like Akiyama? The guy is amazing to watch. As if seeing him take 12 bombs from Leben and keep rumbling didn't make him 200,000 new fans.....the guy is a warrior, and has the ability to beat most MWs on any given night. Unfortunately, like most japanese fighters, he strays fromt he gameplan and is content to prove his worth in an all-out slugfest.


Say what you will about him, he's nothing short of entertaining.


And 120 is a free event - of course there won't be any HUGE names headlining......

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Akiyama has fight twice in the UFC and they were both amazing fights' date=' if not for Korean Zombie/Garcia ("fight of the decade") i'd have Akiyama/Leben for FOTY. Akiyama's the man, although getting tapped by Leben was not very sexy...[/quote']


Akiyama/Leben is the best fight this year so far..

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