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who thinks there a better fighter than me?


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You're 260 pure muscle huh? Im 5"7 and 135' date=' you should come down to Team Haycraft Muay Thai on a sparring day, I enjoy sparring with the big guys. Doubt you'd last very long, as muscular as you say you are its hard to spar for very long. And we do several 4-5 minute rounds.[/quote']


i would knock you out in the 1st round

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Anybody else get the feeling that spuda_ is insecure in his manhood?


why no slanderous racial slurs in this post?

sure, the opportunity didnt exactly present itself, but with your obvious wit and flare for the written word I am sure you could have snuck it in somewhere.


I am so used to identifying when a post is made by you because it is peppered with hateful racist rhetoric.


dont go changing the procedure.


every one of your posts go like this.


"go drink bleach, you suck, (insert racially insensitive remark regarding black people here)"




you finally all growed up there champ?

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