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Jason "Mayhem" Miller to Nick Diaz: Don't Be Scared, Homie


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I would be pulling for Diaz' date=' Mayhem annoys the crap out of me.... and he is not even funny......[/quote']


and he is just not that good!


Diaz will murder him soon enough, Strikefarce is running out of fights that will interest anyone other than the hardcore fans and that one will bring in plenty of viewers just off of Mayhem's MTV stint and YouTube self promotion.

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What's wrong with Mayhem dropping to WW? He was good against GSP at UFC 52.


one of my favourite fights ever


the entrances were sick, and so was the grappling in that fight. Mayhems karate up-kick to standing only to get punched in the face to fall onto his back was awesome lol.

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