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Couture vs striker


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i didnt know vera was considered a good striker....i know he is not gonna stand with toney..i just wanted too see how well he did.. thanks


Vera's a really good striker. It's a shame that he hasn't been able to put it all together and go on a good run. I had high hopes for him.


On topic..

You can add Tim Sylvia and Rodrigo Nogueira to the list of good strikers that Couture has faced.


Sylvia, while not technically the 'best', has a very long reach. That alone will cause problems for a lot of people. Add that to having better-than-average striking skills, and you have someone that should be considered for this list.


In Nogueira's case, even though his striking isn't all-around that good, he is known to have pretty good boxing. Unfortunately for Couture, Nogueira got the best of most the exchanges, dropping Randy one more than one occasion. This could spell trouble when facing a boxer of Toney'e calibre.

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Randy has been knocked down by less strikers than Toney. Couture better not even BOTHER trying to be patient with this dude. He should just rush him and get him on the ground as quickly as possible. He keeps saying in his interviews hes going to be patient. I dont think being patient is a good idea if hes standing. The longer he stands the more time it gives Toney to hit him. If Randy gets him to the ground, he should win it. But if he plays around standing longer than he needs to , he will get hit.


And weve seen Randy get hit and dropped before, sad but true and not by a guy like Toney either. I dont even think Chuck Liddell is really the striking calibre as Toney not with his fists. We'll all soon find out anyway. Kenny Florian vs Grey Maynard is going to be super epic. This whole card is amazing.

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