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Performance Enhancers


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As you may or may not know former pitching great Roger Clemens will have to go to trial for lying to congress about using steroids or performance enhancing drugs. This sparked an interest and i decided to look at every angle of enhancing performance of any sport and what is and is not legal and why. Barry Bonds jumps to mind as he is also being investigating for using steroids in baseball for hitting the most homeruns ever. Like it or not HE hit the homeruns not the steroids. I played baseball for many years and saw many a good hitters but none remotely close to what Bonds achieved, he still had to train, hit, stay healthy, and hit consistantly great over a number of years. Now i do not condone what he probably did as Hank Aaron is one of my all time favorites, but how much did the ped's help Bonds? who knows. What i do know is that there are ways to cheat that are looked on as right and some as wrong. Example is for better conditioning many athletes choose to sleep or rest in hyperberic chamber, so their hemoglobin in blood will hold more oxygen, names such as urijah faber, anthony gonzalas(colts football), Tim Tebow(Florida and Broncos football) to name a couple. Anyway another way to get this result without penalization is to train at a high altitude, Greg jacksons camp, U.S. olympic headquarters. However there are two other ways to get the same result that are illegal such as temporary blood drawing, to train with a lower amount of blood in your system to allow hemoglobin to hold more oxygen then before the event reinject the blood, and also a drug that will cause larger oxygen concentration in the blood. so why are two ok and two not? because you work harder on two that are legal? on a less athletic note many musicians are also taking performance enhancing drugs. from rappers to flute players many take an anti adrenaline drug to concentrate on what they do so as not to mess up. why is this not looked down upon as steroids? are they not cheating someone just as much if not more talented than they are but will not take drugs to control their own natural reactions to situations. So I ask what drugs or performance enhancers do you as fans or professionals of any kind view as ok and what do you look down upon?

Thanks for your opinions

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Steroids is an unfair advantage.


Even for athletes who "go clean" after bulking up, they still reap the benefit of having "cheated" IMO because all they have to do is work hard to maintain what steroids built while "clean" rather than having to build it without steroids... which would be much harder to do if not impossible IMO.


Only an illness like Lesnar's can effectively purge someone of their ill gotten gains... but that rarely happens.


But no athlete should have a medal taken away for smoking grass, because that's a performance/motivational detractor.


They should get an extra medal for accomplishing anything at all while being stoners. :P

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