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UFC 118 Countdown show


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A little bit after 9:26 in the countdown, Dana said,"BJ fell off and kinda fell into the old BJ mode." That could have meant anything, but I wasn't sure.


Does Dana mean BJ didn't train as hard for 118 as he did in the past with Marv Marinovich? Usually the countdown shows BJ training with Marv Marinovich or doing the exercises he puts BJ through. This time they didn't show that. Is BJ still training with Marv Marinovich?


Or does he mean that he wasn't as motivated in the first fight with Edgar as he was when he fought Florian and Sanchez bc Edgar didn't trash talk like his previous opponents?


I want to think the latter since that's what followed after they showed Dana making the comment, but my first reaction was they didn't want to go further into what Dana meant bc it could mean BJ is back to eating spam all day. He did look a little more chubs than usual (maybe not).

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