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Little Kang Appreciation Thread


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Props to the poster' date=' the journalist & the man.


Long live the Kang.[/quote']


Thank you


Prairie ****er


Haterade! Your jealous because Saskatchewan might actually beat BC to legalizing pro-mma.

PS check your pm's right away.




Kang is great' date=' no ifs and buts.

He writes columns for Huggingnuts.

He is a fan of MMA.

I like to hear what he has to say!


The rhyme is poor, because I'm sleepy.

And too much praise would just be creepy.

So I'll stop here, and get some rest.

But know that Kangers is the best![/quote']


Thanks everyone

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To return to the topic of this thread' date='

We are gathered today to swell Kangs head.

This thread is purely to appreciate,

A Canadian poster we all know is great.[/quote']


And the best thing about him is the fact that he's CANADIAN!!!

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