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Strikeforce San Jose Oct.9th


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Just wait... Diaz is going to start soon with his "he can fight me at 170". I don't think Diaz has any desire to fight at 185 unless the guy is near retirement. Mayhem most likely can't make 170. I just don't see Sean or Scott making this happen...


so in other words diaz is scared to fight him

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he is fighting next month and i read he is going to be in ww torny after that in japan' date=' also aoki is fighting in it as ww? dont know if it is solid tho[/quote']

Ahh good point, so there really isn't any REAL compeitition at 170 then.

Haven't been following the WW tourney situation and Aoki much (last time he fought there was against Mach right?), but I really don't like his chances there. He doesn't even look like he packs the weight to consistently stay at LW let alone WW.


Oh well we'll see how Tobikan Judan fairs, but I don't see it ending well.

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