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New Article - Silva/Sonnen analysis and rematch talks


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hey guys I posted a new article on the site I write for, IndyPosted.com. Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think. This article is me reflecting on UFC 117's main event and my opinion on the seemingly concrete possibility of a rematch...




Seeing Chael Sonnen dominate Silva for the majority of 5 rounds was eye-opening and reassuring at the same time. It was eye-opening because we saw Silva in a state of panic (even though his facial expression indicated something different). We now officially know Anderson “The Spider” Silva is mortal. We also learned what makes a true champion. True champions do not buckle under pressure. True champions keep their cool and wait for opportune moments to strike–like a spider. He waited and waited for an armbar or triangle but it was becoming seemingly hopeless. Chael’s relentless barrage of tissues, towels, blankets, and pillows (punches via ground and pound) proved to be enough to keep Silva on the ground, but not enough to break the spirit, or skin, of the undisputed middleweight champion. Resilient in getting his ****-kicked, Silva landed an elbow (which traveled the massive distance of a whole 3 inches) that split Sonnen’s eyebrow wide-open. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Sonnen bloody and battered. See: Sonnen/Marquardt. Maybe it was Silva’s elbow that acted as the catalyst to end Sonnen’s one-sided beat down. With blood flowing, Sonnen’s train of thought was derailed for a split-second–a second long enough for Silva to wrap his legs around the trash talking king and squeeze on his neck. We were all witnesses to one of the greatest comebacks in MMA history, and who better to do so than Silva, who has been on the chopping block ever since his outing with Thales Leites?


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another excerpt (the whole article's kinda long):


Chael Sonnen?s relentless onslaught of the English language aimed at the target on Silva?s back helped revive the interest in a champion that people were losing interest in. Anderson Silva?s antics had turned off a nation. From standing with hands-on-hips, tapping his foot against Thales Leites to the strange, macabre showcase of interpretive dance, drunken boxing and utter disrespect for Damien Maia, Anderson Silva is always followed by controversy (mostly thanks to Ed Soares, Silva?s manager).


Read The Full Story: Anderson Silva, Chael Sonnen Analysis ? IndyPosted

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