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Another way of looking at Silva/Sonnen Fight


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The conventional wisdom seem to be that at 117 Sonnen dominated Silva for 4 and 1/2 rounds and slipped up in the fifth and got caught. So in the rematch all Sonnen has to do is keep his focus for a bit longer and he should have an easy victory.


I think people need to look at the fight the other way around. Anderson Silva worked 5 rounds to sub Sonnen and finally got it in the fifth round. The fact is outside of the very first round where Silva got rocked and was in survival mod the rest of the fight Silva was active the whole time working on one sub or another. Sure it took him 5 rounds to get on in there, now that he's got the practice who's to say he won't sub Sonnen a lot faster the second time around? Now you Sonnen fans are going to say Sonnen will learn to defend the next time around. But history shows that Sonnen DOESN'T learn. He got subbed 8 times in the past and just 2 fights before Silva he was subbed by Maia by a leg triangle. He hasn't learned from any of his defeats why would it be different this time around?

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