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Dana White with Mike Tyson


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Wish Iron Mike would of switched to MMA back in the 90's. He could of tore up MMA back then.




Imagine if cus damato put mike is a highschool wrestling program (even to keep his cardio up) He could have easily been a national champ. An athlete like tyson could do anything if given time. He would have been a monster for sure.

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the only thing dana white sees in tyson is $$$$$. dana white is a greedy, cheap, scheming, manipulative piece of trash.

i dont think dana or his posse could have tried any harder to suck tysons bawls. makes me sick to see such a greed stricken piece of **** hide behind smiles and laughter only to have a greedy ulterior motive behind it all....i wish tyson would have just been like '***** i know what your trying to do and i dont like it' and then knocked them all out. priceless

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