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The Weekend!


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So, with another great card coming up this weekend, what will you be doing. Not just for the fights, but before and after. Hell, start on Friday, and give us all a little window in to your life.


I'll spend Friday night in the company of Toffee Apple cider, and a Lego Train Set my son is getting for his birthday on Thursday. (Happy birthday to TinyHamer!), then Saturday will see me facing the challenge of keeping a small band of 5-6 year olds entertained at a bowling party for the wee man! That evening, it's date night, as we leave the 2 ft dynamo in the shaking, gin soaked hands of a grandparent, as me and SexyHamer (the wife) hit the town. Sunday sees more alcohol induced fun as our local pub is holding a cops and robbers themed day for families to raise money for prostate cancer. When evening rolls around, I'll finally have time to watch UFC 118, and will then be able to reejoin the forum as the various factions begin crowing about how good their MMA knowledge is because they succesfully predicted the outcome of 1 fight. Monday is a Bank Holiday in the UK, so I'm thinking lazy morning, and a visit to a friends house in the afternoon, which is actually just a scavenger hunt for the latest comic books and DVD's I can sponge off him!

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How many Hamer's are there? Happy' date=' Mrs, and Tiny.....is there a dog? A Granny Hamer?


Anyway, I'll be working and hopefully hearing about a new job.:) And of course 118![/quote']


Just me, Tiny and Sexy. Plus two Casey's, two Noo-Noo's and one surrogate fish, Dave. If Sexy get's her wish two kittens next year, but I'm not enthused!


Good luck with the new job announcement too!

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