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Sports You've Played


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Soccer since like 7-8 years old, even up through 20+ college. Never played "competively".

Little league at like 10 years old for 2 years or so.T-ball from 7-8 or so.

Wrestling at 11, until 17 yeard old.

Hockey 14-16.

Football just one year. Summer conditioning made me never play it again.

Picked up racquetball in college, played ever since.

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ping pong(:P)' date='Judo,soccer,karate,but currently just Jujutsu(classic,not brazilian),and in october doing tests for Green belt and im just 15:D


and guys are Jujutsu and BJJ similar or both things are completely differen?[/quote']


The differrent spellings of JuJutsu (JuJitsu, Jiu JItsu , Etc) denote certain types of technique taught so each different spelling implies it'll have different teachings than other spellings. but overall JuJutsu and BJJ are similar.

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