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How do you become a Super Moderator?


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In order to become a super-moderator you must suffer long and arduous tasks which only the most mentally & physically enhanced human specimens can endure. Although up until recently such tasks have been kept a closely guarded Zuffa secret i can now blow the lid on the moderator initiation.


1) Firstly you must be able to consume 10 marshmallows with nothing but the power of suction, no hands are permitted and in order to make things more difficult an elastic band is stretched out across your nose to obstruct breathing patterns.



2) Now that you have proven that you have little to no pride the next step is showing that you are capable of stepping inbetween 2 battling posters whilst remaining impartial, calm & balanced. For such attributes to be truly displayed a task was needed of intense measure, only one option really remained. The logs of doom.



3) Still with us? Good. Now for the ultimate challenge. So few men or woman have ever conquered this task that the elite that do so are written into the chapters of moderating history & inducted into the Super-Moderator hall of fame. Those that fail go to Sherdog.com.

The troll challenge. Fighting trolls is something that can be taught, however the real skill is spotting the troll from the outset in order to pre-empt its attacks, a skill so few are blessed with that it is a wonder the internet can still function and indeed without our highly trained few, we would undoubtedly be nothing more than troll food. Now i will show an example of such tests, please do not be concerned if you cannot find the troll, like i said, it really is something which people are born with, it cannot be taught.





Now that i have finally exposed the trials and tribulations that such men & woman have had to endure to maintain our forum i imagine that you all agree that we should raise a glass to these men and woman and toast to their exceptional work


Cheers to the super mods


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They are not currently on are they? Do they always have to be on or something? And also this is a dumb question but how do you put a pic on and a sig?


If by pic you mean an avatar' date=' you already figured that one out.

If you mean post a pic in a thread, there are two ways, first if you click "post reply" or even "quote" to reply, above the content box for your post there are several icons for font type etc, click the 5th on in from the right, which kinda looks like two mountains with a sun above them. This will bring up a pop up box where you enter the url for the pic.

Alternatively, you type [img*']enter url here[/img*] simply removing the *'s.

To see how this works, click "quote" on my post and you'll see the code used for displaying this picture :P



Now, as for the sig, near the top right of the page, there is a tab "settings" click that, and on the left hand side is a tab "Control Panel" with "Edit Signature" just below it, click that and voila.


Hope this helped ;)

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I've been wondering this for a while and i'm not trying to see how I could be one its just are they the makers of the site? Do the UFC hire them to keep the site running well?


super moderators are a thing of the past.


you want be a big boy, it's all about mega moderator.

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You have to wear your undies outside of your trousers, wear a mask and use two different ID's.

One must be noble, and heroic, and always do the right thing without reward.

The other must be bookish, awkward and in love with a girl slightly out of your league.


THEY MUST NEVER POST IN THE SAME THREAD, it just gives the game away.

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