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Andre Winner Wanting To Dish Out Schoolground Beatdown At 118


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BritMMA.co.uk caught up with Andre Winner ahead of his bout with Nik Lentz at UFC 118. He talked about this contest, his time on the UK circuit and his future ambitions. Here's a taster:


"I've seen his fights in the UFC," he revealed, speaking of Lentz. "He fought on the same night I did last time out. He's a good fighter, a decent all rounder and comes from a wrestling background and a good team. He's a hard worker so I expect him to be very durable, and there's a few things that he does really well.


"I've been working to counter his strengths, but more than anything when I go into a fight, I want to impose myself on somebody, so they're thinking about what I'm doing as opposed to what they're doing.


"With all my fights, I just want to go out there, enforce myself on other people, shut down whatever they do and I'll just pressure them until they break; until I get a Knockout or something along those lines. I know he's got little tricks here and there, so I've worked on things for them, but generally I don't really think about that too much. If you're a good fighter, you go out there regardless of whatever tricks they have and you win.


"The way I want to go out and win is like a schoolground beatdown, where I come and take your pocket money. There isn't two ways about it; I'm the harder fighter, I'm the better fighter and I'm the most talented.


"I don't want people to come away from my fights thinking we were both good, and that on another day the other guy could have had it; I want it to be Andre Winner, beating them up every time."


Read the full interview here: http://britmma.co.uk/#/andre-winner-interview-lentz/4543386848

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