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Who else would like to see this guy in WEC???


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Norifumi "Kami No Ko" Yamamoto or AKA KID Yamamoto.



13 knockouts, 2 submissions.


He's a fantastic striker, good wrestler, and very fast paced fighter. most his fights are at lightweight or higher even tho hes naturally a 135 pounder. so im thinking when his DREAM contract is up the WEC should try and sign him.


he also has a colorful history that'll interest fans:


"While he was still wrestling at school KID got into an incident with the Yakuza. The incident occurred when KID accidentally shot a Yakuza in the face with an air gun[1]. The Yakuza tracked where KID was living through his license plate but KID managed to escape by jumping off a balcony. However, during this time KID's sister was married to famous MMA fighter Enson Inoue who had connections with most Yakuza families. Inoue managed to find out what family KID was in trouble with to sort out the problem. After this KID's school didn't want the incident to become public since many major companies have Yakuza ties so KID was expelled from school. The Japan Wrestling Association who also have ties with the Yakuza put KID's wrestling training on probation. Without wrestling, Inoue decided to take care of KID and try him out in training for MMA in the mean time to compete in Shooto. KID decided not to go back into wrestling and a year later he won the All Japan Amateur Shooto Tournament."







hmm maybe this should of went into the WEC section.. but technically it is still outside of the UFC so it should be fine here..

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Not a huge fan of his though I would like to see him in WEC.


Enson used to post here a while back until they unsticked his thread then he went ghost.


If he stayed focussed' date=' he'd be a WEC champion without a doubt. Not a big fan, but there's no denying his natural talent.[/quote']


I also think he could make it to WEC gold provided he stayed focused and dedicated.

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serious? I love K-1/MAX almost as much as mma. Hell I'm rewatching all of contender asia for some quality MT


well small town northern canada so most of my in person associates aren't exactly on the up n up when it comes to topics like this and i only joined this forum last month and iv never used another forum ever yes serious ur the first.

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