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I had earlier made a thread about my artsy girlfriend wanting me to draw a portrait of her despite the fact i have zero to negative levels of drawing experience. I drew the portrait with what feeble amount of talent i could muster and posted it along side her picture asking for input as to its merit and her reaction. well i have presented the portrait to her and i noted her reaction..................


























SHE LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D =D =D =D


We were going to spend the day together afterwards but stuff came up and our meeting was cut short, but she was ecstatic and very very grateful for my efforts... anyway, some suspected this was a trap to lure me into an art class. Those who suspected this motive were correct, I have now agreed to join drawing course. She has informed me that we will get weekly assignments and I have decided to post mine afterwards and hopefully in time i will be able to draw up to a standard of quality one day that you will enjoy the viewing of my efforts. Thanks to those who were supportive of my successful attempt to make my girlfriend feel appreciated by stepping out of my comfort zone.

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YES!!!!!!! I knew she'd love it. And I'm proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something different. One day' date=' when you are famous, I'll be able to say I knew him when..... Much respect.... Your girlfriend is a very lucky young woman.....[/quote']


awh thanx lace!! :)

and hey if/when im famous il look u up n u can be part of my entourage :P

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