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Looked up Mark Hunt's opponent


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Apparently that Sean McCorkle has a 9-0 professional MMA record. Maybe this guy is not the can that people think. According to his profile on mixedmartialarts.com , he is 34 years old, so he's kind of in Carwin's situation. He has been out of the 1st round though, but only going the distance once. Here's the link to his profile:




What do you think about this guy?


It says he's 6'6 and weighs 315 Ibs. , so I am assuming he fights at Super Heavyweight as well. Hopefully he's not some **** with no muscle and no cardio.


I searched him on YouTube and found 1 of his fights:



He's an overweight poorly skilled **** :)

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Wow' date=' that guy makes Roy Nelson look like Todd Duffee. I've only seen Mark Hunt in Pride and have heard he has been on a terriblr streak since then but I hope he does well.[/quote']


Sean McCorkle is the one in the USA shorts, he's not the fat guy. I agree he doesn't look in great shape, but it's not that abnormal for a HW.

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