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UFC 119 tickets & weigh in....


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I noticed the sales for 119 are slow... not even close to sold out and everything except the $40 tickets are still available.


First off, is there a chance they might move the venue like they did for UFC Live this month?


I still need tickets, but am looking for someone who is selling them cuz they can't go, not selling for a profit, but no one can seem to let go without making money off the sale! Does anyone know where I can look? Craigslist is filled with spamming brokers/scalpers with CRAZY prices and ebay is just as bad. I know the fight club members are mostly in section 13 but haven't seen anyone selling.


Should I chance it and just wait until the event to get them there? It's nerve racking to go without buying before hand but it seems like right before people will beg to just get face value....


Also, do you need to have a fightclub membership to go to the weigh ins?


I'm road tripping to Indiana from Toronto & really looking forward to it! :)

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