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So if hendo is going to go back to LHW...


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i am a friend of Dan on facebook and like 2 months ago by now i think he said he looked forward to the idea of a rematch with babalu so i think thats in the works.


"Since Sobral won, the expectation is that he would face "King" Mo Lawal, the Strikeforce light heavyweight champ. However, Lawal and Sobral are training partners. Sobral sidestepped the question of whether he would fight his good friend by asking for a bout with Dan Henderson." -MMA Frenzy


"I talked to Jordan, his manager, and they said they probably want to fight at 205 instead of 185. (They) felt that the weight cut was too much, and Dan would welcome to fight Babalu again, Gegard Mousasi, for a 205-pound contender's bout." -Scott Coker


"I think a fight between Babalu and Dan is something we might pursue in the very near future." -Scott Coker


"Babalu eh? ya that might be a good option at this point I guess." Dan Henderson on CVJJ Sports Radio

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