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Have you ever looked at another ufc fighter and had thoughts that cross your mind


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I'm not the one to judge, but damn dude! That's crossing the line for gayness.


What I have done though is I've always wondered how I would do against certain fighters once it goes to the ground. Would I be able to submit them? I know I'd get my **** handed to me standing, but I think I have a chance against the "average to low" skilled fighters in the UFC on the ground.


If that's what you were trying to ask, then by no means is it gay, but you have to be more specific.

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Well youre all lying if you say you havent thought about Sexyama. His sexiness is noticed by all ages' date=' races, and sexes.[/quote']


and here you are in this thread admitting to checking out another guy sounds like someone is having trouble comming out of the closet

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