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Penn says Lesnar an embarrassment


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you can tell in the actual interview hes not calling Lesnar an embaressment. He says if Toney beat Randy its not so bad' date=' using Lesnar's ex WWF (WWE whatever) career as an example of why 'outside MMA' atheletes are legitamate fighters too[/quote']


Boooo, I liked it better the way the op said it.



GO BJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Classic BJ here starting out with a "you don;t like me" and moving on to remark that Toney beating Couture certainly couldn't be any worse than having a "WWF" champ as your HW champion.\\


Thanks for putting it into words BJ.


The whole MMA world knows exactly what you mean.


yikes and they are both in my favs...

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Lesnar was never a champion in the WWF so yaa and it doesnt matter where you came from as long as your work your **** off and train hard it doesnt matter if you came from WWE or Soccer or whatever sport it doesnt matter


he was WWE Champ twice, but it shouldn't matter so many people are upset he got the shot for the title after 3 mma fights, well, the only other option was Tim Sylvia at the time and he had just gotten worked by Couture and sub'd by Big Nog

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