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BJ Preparing for Edgar's speed at open workout.


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LOL that guy is not fast and if thats how penn is going to be fighting again hes gonna lose once again


They are not actually fighting... that is Dreams featherweight champion Bibiano Fernandes going about half speed and just emulating Edgar running away from Penn with good lateral movement and he seems to be doing a good job to me.


Who cares people act like Edgar dominated that fight or something because some moron scored it 50-45. Edgar won a lackluster decision at best. Bouncing around shouldn't win a decision when you still get outstruck 73-62 and eat shots when you bounce in for one or eat punches on your way out.


Edgar just said recently "We fought a five round decision' date=' you know? It wasn't like I caught B.J. with a punch or a submission or anything like that. Who knows? Maybe [beating B.J.'] was a fluke, but I don't think it was."


Are you sure Frankie sounds like you are doubting yourself a bit? Yeah you didn't catch a punch or a submission but you did catch him with a set of the worst judges I have ever seen in a sanctioned bout aside from Machida/Shogun 1.

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