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Champs in 2011?


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Who do you think will have gold in 2011?

My Thoughts:


HW: Cain Velasquez

LHW: Shogun

MW: Anderson Silva


LW: Bj Penn


So i think only one will change


You think 2 will change. BJ Penn isn't champ anymore.


HW: Lesnar

LHW: Rua

MW: Sonnen

WW: Kos (that's right, I said it)

LW: Penn

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HW - Lesnar (he will beat both Cain & JDS)

LHW - Machida (after Evans beats Hogun & Machida beats Rampage, Machida will then beat Evans again for the belt)

MW - Anderson the spider Silva (p4p#1 in the world)

WW - GSP (nobody guna beat him any time soon)

LW - Aldo (after he destroys Gamburyan & Henderson in WEC then moves to UFC and gets an instant shot at the title)........lol......

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HW - Brock

LHW - Rashad, then Machida, then Shogun, then Bones

MW - Silva


LW - BJ, then George Sotiropolous


I know, I might be being a little ambitious for old G-Sot... but he's an Aussie so I can hope. And I think it's certainly a possibility...

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Start Of 2011 -


Heavyweight - Brock Lesnar


Light-Heavyweight - Mauricio "Shogun" Rua


Middleweight - Anderson Silva


Welterweight - Georges St.-Pierre


Lightweight - BJ Penn



End Of 2011 -


Heavyweight - Brock Lesnar (3-0 In 2011)


Light-Heavyweight - Randy Couture (From Rashad Evans)


Middleweight - Vitor Belfort (From Anderson Silva)


Welterweight - Georges St.-Pierre (2-0 In 2011)


Lightweight - BJ Penn (2-0 In 2011)

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