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Kimbo Slice leaving MMA for Boxing...


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i hope this comes to fruition. Love him or hate him Kimbo has good hands and devastating power. I think he could be a force in boxing. WAR Kimbo!!


Get a great boxing coach' date=' get some way better cardio and we'll see how he can do. getting old though[/quote']




Hope he does get a great coach, trains on his cardio (but still keep his upper body strength) he'll be a very decent force in Boxing. He'll get a hell of a lot more money too I should imagine. Shame he got kicked out of UFC (had to be done though.


Wish him all the best, good lad.

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mma fighter get paid good money if your a top fighter

Yeah, but the top MMA fighters don't get anywhere near the top boxers.

There's too much of a disparity in pay at the moment, and we all know Kimbo's knee won't let him compete in MMA because of leg kicks.

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