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Let's face the facts. BJ Penn is extremely talented...


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BUT! he's not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. I'm not sure if it was all the boxing he did when he was younger, but something not clicking in his head. Let me explain,


When BJ Penn fought Machida at LHW not only did BJ come under-weight Machida came over-weight by 15 pounds! yes that's a ONE FOLLOWED BY A FIVE. Now I thought Hughes was retarded for taking the Thiago fight when he was 8 pounds over but BJ must've forgot to take his pills before this fight. And people wonder why his record looks like a 5 year old came and drew on it!? BJ not using his brain.


Whiney Little Girl: But CLAXP this fight was at...

sssh. walk away now.


Let's move on to the GSP fights. BJ Penn accepted these fights with a PROVEN! that's right, PROVEN! cheater, and lost. But yet he still had the nerve to complain!? Hello? BJ, he's a cheater! Did you really think you were going to win!? Use your brain kid.


Whiney GSP Fan: CLAXP, you don't know anything GSP is not a cheater, whaa whaa whaaa.

Dude, GTFO.


Now on to his most recent fights. He goes to train in LA and beats down KenFlo & Nightmare. Props to him on that, but what's this? He goes back to Hawaii!? Are you stupid!? You're going to go to the camp where everyone's licking your sack? BJ must've been boxing the day before because his brain wasn't working right. Not only that, but "the prodigy" decides "Hey! I'm BJ Penn, I don't need to listen to my corner during a fight, I know it all!" BJ, if your corner tells you to do something, YOU DO IT! And you still wonder why you lost? Even your camp thought you were losing!


Well, Edgar has the belt now and he's going to defend it. FACT.

You're talented BJ, but have someone make the decisions for you, please.

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in regaurds to ur thread in all seriousness i think bj didnt look like his agressive self because frankys upper body movement and foot work kept him from being able to do so


one of two things happened.


Frankie's movement kept Penn at bay and confused, it was no fluke.

Penn had no motivation and didn't train as hard as usual.

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i guess that warrior spirit clouds his judgment and lets him take fights in weight classes where he is severely undersized and at a disadvantage...


i personally judge his accomplishments within his weight class and give him credit for fights he won at higher weight classes...hard to fault a guy for losing when weighing 20lbs less than your equally skilled (at least...) opponents...

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i'm sure we'll agree on the Maynard thread ;)

No we won't haha.

I agree BJ is not that smart' date=' but why do you care about a fighter's perceived intelligence?[/quote']

Ok, let's say BJ forgets his pills. What happens when someone at a insane asylum forgets his medication? He goes wild, he could cause the first UFC related death. This is no joke.

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yeah and bj has no intellect he said frankys team carried franky around on there sholders "to try to steal the victory...." ok so all rounds have been scored' date=' how on earth can he steal a victory after everything has been scored?[/quote']


that just adds to my point. :cool:

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From reading BJ Penn's thoughts on fighting, the biggest thing that interests me is how he manages to stay unique while so many different fighters are conforming to one particular style of fighting.


As many MMA followers could agree, the best base of fighting is wrestling. But, imagine if everyone were fighting under a wrestling base - that would get incredibly boring to watch.


As a fighter, I can respect his accomplishments a lot. I think BJ Penn has a lot of issues when it comes to getting too ****y with himself based on what he hears from those around him. At times, Penn acknowledges this and is able to confront it directly. I.E. - how he mentioned directly he thinks the title of "greatest LW of all time" as a ******** statement. Yet, other times, you can tell he is just way too ****y. I.E. - how he lost to Frankie Edgar the first time by not changing his game plan and continuing to stand up with him, intead of taking the fight to the ground and using his submission game.


As a fighter, he is great to watch. As a person with the constant excuses he makes, it can get annoying. However, what separates me from supposedly mostly everyone I've seen on these boards is that I don't get attached to a person based on their personal criteria. The reason behind that is "who gives a ****?" You're not going to hang out with the person or be with them for the rest of your life, so who gives a **** if a guy isn't the nicest or most respectable guy out there. In the end, a fighter is a fighter. I'm here to watch them do what many people won't do - fight.

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