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Roy Jones Jr. Open To Fight Kimbo Slice


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Roy Jones Jr. Open To Fight Kimbo Slice; Rooting For Toney Against Couture | Steve Rattlesnake


I just wanted to get your quick thoughs on your fellow Floridian, Kimbo Slice, announcing that he?ll be making his pro boxing debut later this year.


RJ: I think it?s a beautiful thing for him to try the sweet science. I?d have to see what he?s weighing if he wants me to come in there and give him a try at it, but if he want it that bad, I might give it to Kimbo. It?s a great opportunity for him. It?s a great fight for Florida. Boxing needs all it can get right now, so if the fans get interested in wanting to see that, we can do that.


Kimbo?s got a lot of heart, he?s got a lot talent, and it took a lot for him to get where he got in MMA. I think his main skill is boxing anyway. I think he?ll be fine with it.


You know your boy James is stepping into the Octagon with Randy Couture. How do you think that?s going to play out?


RJ: Well, I think it?s a wonderful fight. I think it?s a great thing for MMA and for boxing because it gives us a chance to cross over again and meet in the middle and I can?t wait.




RJ: I gotta go with my boy James.

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good post.



I have to sigh.... suck it up......and admit to something.


RJJ has ALWAYS been a better boxer than james toney.

RJJ only started losing because he started changing weight classes.


and RJJ VS Kimbo would be a massacre.

RJJ VS Kimbo in boxing is like Mir VS Kimbo in MMA.


you are only gonig to watch to see how BADLY kimbo loses.

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