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Joe Lauzon vs Gabe Rudiger


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lack of cardio, for lauzon? we aren't talking about his little brother here


against gabe "colonic" ruedigerberber whatever? who can hardly ever make weight? lol doubt it will be a L for lack of cardio


****ing **** terry etim got injured


i was really looking forward to him picking apart joe on the feet then kicking off "J.Lau's" head FTW/

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Joe Lauzon > Gabe Rudiger - 1st Round Submission (Armbar)


Joe Lauzon will give Gabe a cake after the fight saying "Sorry about breaking your arm"' date=' Gabe will then eat the whole cake in the dressing room.[/quote']


sounds like a win for Gabe lol

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WOW beatdown of the night


always been a luazon fan' date=' very happy for him




(anyone hear rogan say that LOL)[/quote']


Ha ha ha, yeah DEMOLISHMENT. That fight right there, proves that there are only two types of fighters: boring and exciting.

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