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the what UFCGOD1 thinks of you thread


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Go for it' date=' God1.


Don't be afraid to use words like paranormal, cunning, manipulative, omnipotent etc...[/quote']


your probably one of the nicest guys here your never in flame wars and don't hold grudges, you do your best to keep this forum entertaining and although you and i didn't start off on a good page i consider you a very good friend on these forums

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I don't know what is more sad' date='


You actually believing anyone cares what you think one way or another, or anyone actually really caring what you think one way or another.


Damn I though junior high was back in session already.[/quote']


since you posted here you give me full right to judge you ( which im sure was your intention in the first place ) you are one of the saddest most pathetic excuses for a human being i have ever had the mis-fortune to interact with it ...


thanks for participating in the thread brah :)

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your a silva fan ... :P


no actually even tho you support a overrated fighter ' date=' i for one have never seen you in flame wars which could mean that you are a very nice guy , i can't say more since i do not interract with you all that much[/quote']


Actually not that much atleast not anymore than a dozen other fighters.

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i think that you have a huge ego but really got nothing to back that ego up ...


Well heres the thing...... I do not take this forum seriously, its just a form of entertainment when life is a little slow.... Obviously, you have different intentions here..... Thanks for the evaluation...

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I are here for your judgment.


Before you start' date=' let me guess what it will say.


"You are a TUF nub, and you suck at life."[/quote']


well i don't know if you suck at life , but you are a TUF noob , you think fighter that are not in the UFC doesn't deserve any credit and any respect ...

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