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Hey all,


I just felt like sharing a thought with you guys:


I realized that ALL of the MMA (well UFC to be precise) fighters that have starred in a movie, lost one or more fights afterwards. Even more interesting fact is that, most of them were top fighters in their division, namely Rampage, BJ, GSP, Randy (ok, he's not at the top for some time but still), Rashad,.... Now i know you are gonna say GSP still didn't lose even after he made a movie but he's the only exception and, who knows, for all we know he might lose to Kos. It's not impossible.


So we have Rampage, a guy with only one (and questionable) loss to Forrest and only victories after that loss prior to filming a movie. Months after the movie, he loses to non other than Rashad! Also, Rashad lost to Machida after he filmed a movie as well :) Then, there's BJ! He "lost" (well officially at least) to Frankie?! Weird but it happened. Randy lost few times after becoming an actor and so on and so on.


So my point is that 95% of MMA fighters turned actors, statistically speaking, lose their next fight. Well, since Randy just finished Expendables, it is natural to expect him to lose to Toney (even if it's not rational).


So i guess, fame comes with a price in the world of MMA. Call it a lack of training or motivation (since they probably made more money in one movie than in 10 of their fights, altho not all of them) but there is some catch, definitely :))


What do you guys think about my theory?



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