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Update on SPencer Fisher


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MMAjunkie with an update on the Spencer Fisher Arrest




The arrest took place Tuesday in Fisher's hometown of Bettendorf, Iowa.


"Spencer went to pick up his daughters from school, and he doubled parked because there were no other parking spaces available," Dubberly stated in an email to MMAjunkie.com. "The police asked Spencer to move his car, and Spencer stated he would only be a second. The police asked him again to move his car, and Spencer kept proceeding to pick up his daughters from school."


Wow, I know Iowa isn't a hopping place but it must be slower than I thought for that to warrant getting arrested.


I wonder if they shoot you on sight there for cow tipping.

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What a bunch of crap!


Literally the guy is picking up his daugher from school and gets arrested for double parking?


Letter of the law vs spirit of the law... Those "Officers" needs to look up the difference.


What a joke and waste of resources.


Fisher should be refunded his bail post and given a public apology.

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