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Frankie Interview on BJ Penn.com


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"BJ is hell on wheels"


Goodluck Frankie, you will need it, BJ looks ready to dominate!


Here's BJ weighing in 154.5 and looking PUMPED for the fight! If you are like me and wondering what happened to BJ at 112, I think we can agree that he will be back in top form tomorrow night!



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Your repeat tactics remind me of a 12 year old, ur mma knowledge is pretty much non existent, u love the biggest overhyped fighter in the game, you have 8000+ posts so u have way too much free time....


My Conclusion: UFCGOD1 is not only a 12 year old on summer vacation but also somebody who's posts make little to no mark on the forums, and finally he became a fan of UFC about 2 months ago and probably thinks the sport these men compete in is called UFC!

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judging by your sig' date=' you are pro at calling fights :rolleyes:[/quote']


That's pretty funny actually.


haha be careful' date=' this is the E-ternet and people can always back out of bets, then go on to claim to never lose any.[/quote']


Well, since i do honor by sig bet, you pointed it out urself. I guess ur one of those people who dont honor. And, Yes I am cool (In response to ur next comment)

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