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What's your favorite soap opera and why you like it?:)


i love Dexter because it's just excellent soap opera with excellent story and excellent Michael C. Hall,i love this so much that i'm counting seconds until i see new episode,and btw. in Poker After Dark with Buffer,Couture,Henderson Buffer asked if is someone watching Dexter and Couture said he love it:D


and i also like House m.d,but unfortanely i think it's being worse and worse :/ hope that 7th serie will be better


and from comedies i love How i met your mother,Big bang theory and Two and a half men-i just love these shows,can't await to see them again:) it's true that every one of them has another type of humour,and that's also why am i watching all of them:)


and i'm watching also Family Guy and Simpsons but in present they are sometimes really boring and not funny,but theirs foretime were awesome...


sry for my english =)

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