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The Mod Death Squad


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like the ancient chinese proverb states "if a troll falls in a battle' date=' and nobody is around to hear it... does it make a sound?"


questions we never ask ourselves.[/quote']


Some of us heard this troll's final calls, before he was silenced for good.



Or so we think...........

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reposting a ginger!two gingers!4 in total!


reported twice! plus 2!


Touch? sir' date=' touch?.


thankyou sir i thought my amazing rendition there was utter brilliance,to say the least


Indeed it was amazing, but did she have to be a ginger? Let alone with the horse mouth?

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Mod Death Squad & Troll Graveyard overrun by Animals...... and not just regular animals...... Animals with Weapons! King that mother****ers!







that gif is fantastic.


but to be fair' date=' it takes a life time of bear karate training to get that good with a bo staff.



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