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Nathan Champ Fitter Than Ever And Raring To Go Ahead Of Arish Test


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Nathan Champ speaks to BritMMA.co.uk about tonight's bout against the undefeated Ali Arish at Cage Contender VI. He feels his edge in fitness could prove to be vital to him emerging victorious in this bout.


"I'll take everything as it comes and deal with the fight as it goes on, but in all the stuff I've seen on the internet he gasses half way through the second round and he gasses," noted Nathan. "I think one of my attributes is my fitness, and I'm always there in the fight. I think that can sometimes surprise people at my age, and people can underestimate that. For all I know, he might be coming in a new man and firing at all cylinders in every round, but I do think that it could be going against him.


"My camp has been the best ever; I've been training fantastically. I had a holiday in Italy a few weeks ago which I thought might go against me, because I spent most of the time doing fitness training. I was doing hill sprints on the side of the mountain, swimming and eating Mediterranean food. It was perfect and gave me a great springboard to come back. Training's been easier than normal for some reason; I think it's just because I'm so up for it."


Read the full interview here: http://britmma.co.uk/#/nathan-champ-ali-arish-ccvi/4543454234

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