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Time to make your prediction, princess...


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I think if it goes very long Toney will gas at 237lbs, and Randy will win by take down and Honey Badgering.


Otherwise, Toney catches Randy and with 4oz gloves on, it's lights out.


It's a tough choice.


I usually don't do this but I will let my desire do the choosing for me...


Toney FTW!


Blee Dat. ;)

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I'm worried that if Couture does put Toney to sleep with a side choke' date=' or RNC, he's gonna wake up and start randomly knocking people out.........lol, actually I'm not worried......that would be history in the making.[/quote']


Is that i little bit of doubt from the "Toney train Conductor" :P


Randy via RNC

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Sorry to hear that:( Hope it wasn't alot:p


nah just 20 bucks .. my buddy is giving me 4:1 (less than vegas odds to be sure but good nevertheless)


I also got Penn without a fight... which sorta sucks because I'm going to root for Edgar.


I just wanted to do something to get me a little more excited ...

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