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If Edgar wins... Tonight could be the BJ Penn retirement show


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He can't get his belt back.


If he goes back to WW... He will get smashed by any top 5 WW


It wouldn't surprise me if he decided to hang up the gloves.




wow.... fighting is this mans life. lets start there. then think about the fact that bj has destroyed 155 for eons. guy loses one time in a very debatable fight. one off night and your throwing away one of the best fighters in ufc history. please. why would he go back to ww? this is the question i would like answered the most. this post just has downs all over it. most dominate 155 champ in the history of mma loses twice (hypotheticle of course) and he retires. downs i say. if i have to watch chuck liddel get ko'd again and again and fighters like clay guida still getting fights i can't possibly imagine "the prodigy" retiring. worst could happen is he would be placed in contention again in which he would smash the mediocre talent pool on his way back to the number 1 contender spot. bj did not execute his game plan and he lost a decision. lesson learned. extra motivated. tonight in boston the main event will not see a 5th round.

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when the instant rematch was announced, i said that i could see Penn retiring if he loses the rematch. hours before the event, i still see him wanting to retire if he loses tonight. however, i'm confident in saying he's going to look the best we've ever seen, which is pretty ridiculous.

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