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UFC 118 THEATRES, do anyone even come???


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Alright im not in Boston, even if I was I cant afford tickets im broke a **** college student.

I cant buy ppv on cable cause I dont got the money, I dont even got cable to start with.


So I see ufc 118 will be shown live in theatres and only for 16 bucks(at my place anyways)

DO ANYONE EVEN COME TO SEE THESE THING???? (speaking from your city point of view). I just wanna get a feel for how many fan i can expect to come.

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I'm going tonight for the first time - will let you all know how it is.


I have seen a few cards at 40/40 club on the huge-screen TV in a stadium seating like environment, and I can tell you that the sound in a movie theatre is going to be intense because even that environment was amazing...

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