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I dont want to offend any Penn fans, but could Penn be the next Liddel?


I Know that this isnt the same situation as Liddell, but it will make sense to everyone that has been watching MMA/UFC for a long time. And all of you will be giving me a hard time for this, but could the same thing that happened to Liddell be happening to BJ Penn? I know that Penn wasnt beat in the same fashion that Chuck has been in his last couple fights, but I do think that Edgar(and all respect to him because I picked Penn to win this fight) found the strategy to beat Penn?


On a side note, I really hope that Frankie Edgar kicks the crap out of Maynard. The ONLY way that Maynard would beat Edgar or even Penn would be a TD EVERY round.

Congrats to Edgar. Im still not 100% a fan of his, but I hope he beats up 'the bully'


I hope everyone enjoyed UFC 118!!!!

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