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BJ Penn excuses threads


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seriously, faimly issues?! he got out-classed by a superior fighter. people need to stop making excuses for Penn and face facts: he did nothing to change his game. period. he looked the same on the feet, looked worse wrestling, and did next to nothing on the ground. in other words; he sucked. he needs to go to a better camp or retire. if he stays in hawaii, he will never be a contender for a belt again. put your hours in at Xtreme Couture or American Top Team and you could negate the wrestling and open up with strikes. or you could take the easy route and slack off in hawaii with your brothers. he needs a solid gameplan *cough uselegkickstoslowhimdownthanuseyourBJJ cough*. while your here, i'd like to mention how randy date-raped toney. i thought it was funny.

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