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Edgar at 145


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Without doubt there are 2 possible best fighters at 145 in the world. But who would win ? good topic, this is a big subject now. Is Aldo good enough to beat Edgar ?


Frankie probably is not interested in the least in stepping DOWN to the WEC. But the UFC should either consider a 145 division, consider a catchweight 150 fight (or 1-off 145 fight)


OR, Aldo should be tempted with $$$ signs. Make the step to 155 in 6 months and if you can take out 2-3 top tier fighters he gets a shot..


Didn't he recently say he wanted to conquer 155 ? lets hope.


As good as both looked in their last fights, its hard to say either way. Aldo could come out and demolish. His precision, timing and speed is what could undo Edgar. One clean shot and the fight becomes Aldo's to lose. Otherwise the wrestling and great movement might be enough to ensure another decision win for Frank


Can see Aldo knocking him out. Can also see Frankie winning in similar elusive fashion to tonight. Intriguing matchup, as is Maynard v Edgar

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I for one think that Edgar could be the only man that could make 145 that can beat Jose Aldo. Anyone else agree?


Yes, I think Edgar wouldve gone to 145lbs if UFC had it there instead of WEC. Like Tyson Griffin, Edgar moved up in weight or really stayed at their weight in order to fight for UFC instead of the WEC's 145lbs division. It would look good to see how Edgar would do against Aldo.


You know what? By this performance by BJ I say Aldo can easily take on BJ, only Aldo's strikes would be more effective to BJ.

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he could easily make 145. he could even make 135. it'd be a great fight. if there's anyone who still thinks BJ is better than aldo they're clueless. edgar would need an answer for the leg kicks.


he would never be able to make 135. thats like sayin gsp could make 155

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