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"They don't have much to work with, they've only got BJ Penn." -- Bahahahaaaaa!!!!!!!


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I don't recall thus far having ever posted anything. So...I feel compelled on behalf of the true champion, Mr. Frankie Edgar, also known tonight by his ballcap, as Mr. "Fe", which my buddy Tim pointedout that "Fe" is the periodic symbol for IRON. Thank you Tim for that old school periodic nostalgia...and thank you BJ for the impressive pre-fight video hype that made you stand out even more as a polished smizack talking doosh-bag. And while careless gallivanting in your doosh-baggery during that vid, I couldn't help but remember your statement about, "They don't have much to work with, they only have Frankie Edgar." Well....Bahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!


Thank you BJ for the interesting lesson in humility.


And as the MMA mantra lives on...."Anything can happen bra.".


Naahhh, just kidding BJ, you are truly one of my favorite all time fighters. Nobody can ever take that away from you. You have blown me away plenty of times so you have my respect brotha, and I think you will come back strong and even at this point in your career, be motivated to learn from your performance and whoop some mo arss soon. Just not Frankie's.


Good on yas.


Frankie, way to go man! And as GSP would now say it, "I am very impressed with your performance Frankie".


Thank you and good night.

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