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LOL at this article from a Boxing site


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Toney easily defeated by Couture


By Rob Smith:


In James Toney's first fight in the UFC, he was dominated and easily taken out by Randy Couture tonight in the 1st round. Toney was taken down and then wrapped up quickly in a choke that he had no clue how to get out of. Toney then tapped out rather than being choked out. The referee stopped the one-sided match at 3:19. Toney didn't have the wrestling skills to compete. Had this been a stand up fight, he would easily won but MMA is mostly wrestling and submission holds and it takes too long to learn how to beat the better fighters like Couture. Toney never really had a chance because the 47-year-old Couture didn't even try to do any stand up fighting. Instead, Couture took Toney down immediately and then chocked him. Couture is a former Olympic wrestler. Toney never had a chance in this fight if you want to call it that. It's wrestling. This is what Toney gets for trying wrestle with an expert like Couture. It would be interesting to see if Couture would agree to a straight up three round boxing match. My guess he won't even consider it. Toney would slaughter the old guy, as well as other MMA fighter in the sport.

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