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2010 Has Been Amazing For MMA....in my opinion


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I've enjoyed this year more than any other so far. Not that anyone cares but it seems each PPV just keeps getting better. There's been some great match ups. Props to Dana.


Ok....I'm ready for the comments from the d-bag trolls....hit me.


thats your op and your entitled to it....... and i agree..... result wise i couldnt be happier.... and to think..... the year aint over yet.... more mma to come baby....

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Yeah its been great so far... and where only half way through!

Before the end of the year i want to see:

Fedor fight again

Velasques vs Dos Santos

Jon Jones fight two more times

James Toney fight a striker: Pat Barry?

UFC sign another big name from SF

Frankie Edgar destroy Gray Maynard

... Some crazy suprises:p

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