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Wow! Wow! Wow!


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Just starting to watch the fights now as i was out last night for my friends 21st birthday!


So i've watched the Andre Winner vs Nick Lentz fight thought it was ok but seemed to be a bit of a hugging competition up until the last minute and a bit where Lentz was working hard to try and get a few different subs!


But the Wow comes from the Joe Lauzon fight! WOW i have never seen domination like that before and quite possibly one of the best and most exciting fights i have seen in a while!


Came out like a bat out of hell took down Gabe then proceeded to beat the living **** outta him for 2 mins! Now as some of you may know i like the ground game the best but that was one of the most impressive 2 mins of MMA for the ground work i practically had a chubby almost creamed my pants i got so excited!


So hats off to Joe Lauzon for the excellent and one of the most exciting 2 minutes in MMA!


or should i say you can leave your hat on! do do do do do do! haha



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Lol' date=' it was a great fight, but Cayne i have to say you are one of the stranger members of this forum :P I think that fight made up for the fact that Etim was out[/quote']






I didnt even know Etim was supposed to be fighting haha


even if it was Etim there is no way it would have been that exciting!


oh and congrats on a thousand posts :)

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So true Cayne' date=' that was one of the most explosive openings, I have ever seen by Lauzon. He proves that ground fighting doesn't have to be boring.[/quote']


really i hardly ever find the ground game boring i find it quite teechnical and interesting but man that fight blew my mind

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