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if anyone believes a Frankie Edgar vs Gray Maynard title bout can sell as a headline PPV...i say absolutely not. Frankie Edgar does everything exceptionally well and it appears like he will be a good champion, but I don't get excited as I do about most fighters when i see his name on a fight card. I just don't think he appeals enough with his style. Enough said about Gray Maynard without saying anything at all. I just don't see how this fight sells as a headline without stacking the card around it.


Excuse me, if this poll or similar thread has been done b4.

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Edgar doesn't realy have a lot of pull' date=' nor does maynard. However with Frankie beating BJ again, it will get him a lot more casual fans so it will do alright on its own, but it will need a great co main to realy sell[/quote']


Thing is I don't think Edgar is the problem. Maynard puts on yet another LnP decision win. He is probably the most boring fighter in the UFC to watch.


I'm sure the UFC will play up "The only fighter to beat the Champ" angle, but if it doesn't have a stacked card or another title fight on the card I'll be passing.

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